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Sugar Daddy

nicki-minaj-sugar-daddy.jpgThere are men out there who are searching for women to treat well. All they need from you? Nothing! Just be there!

I can connect you to such men, if you are looking.

Email me on darkvoyeur@sigaint.org with your details and what you are looking for, and I will make sure you get a happy ending 😉



Cloned cards

Cloned cards are an easy way to make money without lifting a finger. The dark net can give you many such vendors at your service, including myself.

You can get credit cards or debit cards. The downside to credit cards is that they can be easily tracked, so best to go for debit cards.

To get my services email darkvoyeur@sigaint.org

Some other places you can get vendors include commerce sites such as cryptomarket.

One popular cards site is $ The Green Machine $ run by a guy who calls himself Mr. Fungi.

I haven’t tried his services but the reviews seem good on his site.

Any other such sites y’all can share? Put them in the comments section!

The Dark net – where can you find snipers?

Please note that this is purely an educational post that does not condone any type of crime.

Hypothetically speaking though, I searched for a list of sites that claim to have snipers for hire.

Most links shared are dead links but on one of the comment sections I saw someone claiming that to get the easiest such sniper can be accessed on email.

If you’d like to get in touch with a discreet ex-military sniper who is based in a lawless 3rd world country, send us an email on darkvoyeur@sigaint.org

Any other such sites that you’ve seen? Let us know!